Prosecco DOC

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Variety of VINE : 100% Prosecco
REFINING: 2 months in bottles
PRODUCTION AREA : Valdobbiadene, Veneto

Tasting notes: produced with Prosecco sparkling wine has a thin unve aroma of fruit and flowers that make it deliciously light and lively on the palate. Unlike many Chamoagnes does not tend to an acidity too strong, rather urges the throat with a softness punctuated by a minerality that remains simple the best way possible. Perfect perlage makes it a perfect choice for any occasion.

Food pairing:shrimp cocktail, oysters

Long before Andrea became famous in music, family, Bocelli was known for wine. For more than 130 years have produced typical Tuscan wines in their property. Today in conjunction with the first family of Prosecco, Trevisiol, produce this delicious sparkling wine that has become staple in celebration and toast the everyday Italian.